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Infanta Lolita Dresses

This is classic A-line black lolita dress with beautiful bold circles and floral prints from infanta. The girl's dress is decorated by bold bows, sheer neckline and lace trim...
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This gothic lolita dress comes with several bows as decorations, with delicate lace trimed skirt and short sleeves...
$118.99 $128.99
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Black gothic lolita dress with beautiful dark prints camouflage, and wide lace. The lolita OP is tailored by cotton, inner side thick satin cloth, suitable to wear at Spring and Autumn.Now there are S, M, L and XL sizes available...
$97.99 $107.99
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Black short sleeves lolita dress with printed flowers. The dress is tailored by 90% cotton, average size, with the sheer elasticity to adjust when wear...
$122.99 $132.99
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Sweet black lolita jumper with bold bows at high waistline, heavy decoration of lace around the neckline, and wide shoulder straps. It's tailored by velvet and lace...
$122.99 $132.99
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Cotton tailored V-neck classic sailor lolita dress, comes in white black strips design. The cloth comes with slight elasticity. Out of stock, please don't order, for display only..
$101.99 $111.99
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Beautiful light blue tiny flowers lolita dress with short puffy sleeves and bows as decorations...
$119.95 $129.95
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This blue strawberry lolita dress from Infanta comes with tulle half transparent short sleeves and elastic shoulder belt. The white trim at the dress is the bloomers. Dress length is around 80cm, average size...
$119.99 $129.99
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This brown bold flowers lolita jumper comes with assymtrical skirt, multiple layers of ruffles, and bows. It's suitable for summer and autumn. Wear it with a blouse is also a perfect combination...
$129.99 $139.99
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This lolita dress is classic design from Infanta, with heavy black lace decorations and flower prints...
$123.99 $133.99
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This lolita dress is classic style, short sleeves and printed cotton flowers, with white tulle ruffles...
$122.99 $132.99
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Light yellow cotton lolita dress with delicate floral prints. Middle waist and ready in stock...
$121.99 $131.99
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